Artists Spotlight Feb 15 – Mar 9

Artist Spotlight Series to Highlight Artists
Sukhdev Dail, Ludo Leideritz, and Gunther Zarth

Forest & Ocean is pleased to announce the third installment of the popular Artists Spotlight Series in the recent expansion of their gallery in downtown Laguna Beach.

The expanse allows Forest & Ocean Gallery to include an area dedicated to a new monthly exhibit showcasing the talent of their artists. This upcoming spotlight will display the talents of Sculptor Sukhdev Dail and photographers Ludo Leideritz and Gunther Zarth. The exhibition will run from February 15 – March 9 with artwork available for purchase. The public is invited to a reception with the artists on Saturday, February 15, 2014 from 6 – 9pm for unveiling of new artwork, discussion, and refreshments.

About the Artists

Sukhdev Dail, Born in a small village in Punjab. Father, being a physician, wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, but Sukhdev had no stomach for blood and sharp objects, so he turned to soft brushes and art. His childhood seemed idyllic, being surrounded by nature where streams were full of fish and fields of tall grass, hiding foxes and other wild life. That’s where his lifelong love of creation and nature was born.

Traveling every year to India and Europe makes him also stop in his studio in Zagreb for a few prolific months. In Sukhdev’s words “we artists are as individual and different from each other as the snow flakes, and there is no need to imitate anybody, since we all have a wealth of conscious and subconscious experience to pull from”. His most admired artist is Leonardo da Vinci, whom he would never try to emulate, let alone copy, believing that the Force that endowed Leonardo, also made him – thus allowing him to be himself. The creation and the expiration of the far away worlds are brought close on the many canvases and statues of the once little boy, who drew in sand and molded in clay.

Ludo Leideritz, was born in the Netherlands, and as a part of his Dutch upbringing, was introduced to the arts at an early age. Music, drawing and painting were hobbies; these formed the basis of his expressions.

His love of nature and historic places came as a result of his many travels around the world. He took up photography when we was eighteen. The first camera was a Canon FT, which went everywhere with him. His photographic skills were at first self-acquired, mostly through extensive readings and practice over the years. These were later refined through formal training and workshops with renowned practitioners.

His main method of image capture is still film, using a large-format cam- era. This enables him to resolve image quality that allows many possibilities, from platinum prints to large murals. To him, it’s all about the print; the final expression of the photographic artist. The ability to make the print resonate to the viewer is the objective.

Gunther Zarth, I’ve been an admirer of good watercolor paintings since I was a child in Germany, when I dabbled in crude watercolor depictions of, mostly, well…Indians…we were fascinated by the wild west!  Once I became fully immersed in photography, I found it difficult to permit myself the time to return to any form of painting and therefore, simply couldn’t develop the skill needed to create the watercolor art I admire; however, as the years ticked by, I learned that there is a means to combine my love of watercolors with photography: the Giclée – a perfect blend, printing my film images on a thick, nicely textured, and archival watercolor paper.

Third Installment

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