Artists Spotlight March 10 – April 6

Artist Spotlight Series to Highlight Artists
Tom Lamb, Hans Rindfleisch, and Paul Woodward

LAGUNA BEACH, CA – Forest & Ocean Gallery is pleased to announce the March 10 – April 6 Spotlighted Artists to take place in the new expansion of their gallery in downtown Laguna Beach.

In addition to bringing in new artists and exhibits, the space allows Forest & Ocean Gallery to include an area dedicated to a new monthly exhibit showcasing the talent of their artists. This Spotlight features photographers Tom Lamb, Hans Rindfleisch and sculptor Paul Woodward. The exhibition will run from March 10 – April 6 with artwork available for purchase. The public is invited to a reception with the artists on Saturday, March 15, 2014 from 6 – 9pm for unveiling of new artwork, discussion, and refreshments.

About the Artists

Tom Lamb : Marks on the Land is a continuing theme or structure in his work – from ancient rock art found in the canyons and by-ways to the designed and found landscapes of the formal and informal gardens and special spaces of the world. Created flying low from helicopters over the agricultural and the abandoned landscapes of California and elsewhere. These views, extracted from their context, have produced the concept for this abstract expressionistic continuing series of photographs.

It is the relationship between Lamb’s photographs and abstract painting that is perhaps the most direct association for the viewer and one that he emphasizes in his visual compositions and in the titles of certain works. Lamb’s introduction to the art movement known as Abstract Expressionism came while he was a graduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design in the late 1970s. During that time, Lamb assisted artist Aaron Siskind, who was well known for his own abstract photographic work. While Siskind located abstraction in extreme close-ups of urban elements such as the textures and layers of peeling paint, the build up of materials on billboards, and the gestures revealed in graffiti, Lamb achieves abstraction by pulling back and showing us bigger swatches of land, in color, from the top down. The lines, patterns, and gestures in these landscapes – some built and some natural – call to mind the abstract canvases of painters as varied as Robert Motherwell, Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman and Cy Twombly.

Hans Rindfleisch : was born in Munich Germany. From a very young age he was influenced by the Abstract artists Willem de Kooning, Picasso and Jackson Pollock. Hans completed a three year apprenticeship in printing and worked during his studies for various publishing houses creating book jackets.1957 he entered the Academy of Graphic Art in Munich where he attained his degree. In 1960 he emigrated to South Africa and was the creative director of various top advertising agencies. There he held exhibitions of his fine art whilst producing multilingual book covers for German and South African publishers. In 1977 he relocated to California and started an Architectural bath and design showroom, where his creativity and zest for good design and balance came into play. His passion for photography was still an integral part of his life, his camera a constant companion. A leaning towards the abstract is strongly evident in his current work. His art and photography are proudly held in private collections around the world.

Paul Woodward : Before being awakened to my unknown artistic talent after age 50, I was preoccupied with the mundane, ordinary goals: marriage, family, children, a successful business career, comfort, interesting exciting living, traveling. Public schools prepared me for Stanford. An invitation from Karl Steiner took me to Zurich, Switzerland, where I lived with Karl’s family, worked in his office, attended Raeber’s Handelschule learning German. I spent almost a year living on The Sinai Peninsula, working for National Petroleum Company of Egypt in Belaim Oil Field. The U.S. Army made my home in Okinawa (1957-59), serving as a computer operator on NIKE Hercules Air Defense Missiles. Returning to Southern California, I resumed studies at U.S.C., majoring in Business Administration. My 35 years career as an Independent Petroleum Landman was spent in oil and gas exploration. About half my career was working with my father, in Egypt, Libya, Canada and California and for eight years, I ran my own business in Colorado.

After returning to Laguna Beach I enrolled in local fine art classes. I found enjoyment and a new awakening to the art world. After much trial and error I have found my prime interest and have been creating and sculpting my “Blue Coral” series for the last several years. Working the clay, gradually I experience the formation of beautiful, organic life-like appearances, which are entirely from my imagination.

Artist Spotlight 4


Read More at the Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot :,0,7166755.story

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