Senior Exhibition – Closing Reception: May 17th, 6-9 PM


May 1 – 20, 2014 Opening Reception: May 3rd, 5 – 9 PM / Closing Reception: May 17th, 6-9 PM

LCAD is proud to present Merging Origins, a grouping of paintings, drawings and sculptures for this year’s 2014 Fine Arts Senior Exhibition. This group show offers a selection of work developed as part of the Fine Arts BFA Program’s Senior Residency.

The mission of LCAD Fine Arts’ Senior Residency is to help guide students to build a body of work that reflects a balance of individual identity and academic knowledge of the figure which results in visual art that represents a solid commitment to development, design, and relation of what the mind and eye can comprehend. This foundation of dedication, skill, and refinement builds a value in the student and their work that translates into real world growth and sustainable equity for fine artists and their art.

Curated by: Hope Railey, Chair of Fine Arts and Tom Betts, LCAD Fine Arts Faculty

Exhibiting Senior Students:
 Alysha Olsen, Brianna Lee, Corbin Ferguson, Paige Emery, Pegah Samaie, Amanda Raynes, Charity Oetgen, Christopher Ybarra
Hana Oh, Hanna So, Jenna Morgera, Jennifer Rogos, Karen Steffani Lauren Graves, Magdalena Nilges, Nina Fitzpatrick, Steven Garrett.

Merging Origins



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