Gar Cropser


Gar's PortraitGar Cropser is a native of Southern California. His passion for the outdoors began at the age of twelve, when his father introduced him to the sport of trout fishing. Gar’s enjoyment of the outdoors flourished throughout his teenage years through camping, hiking, and backpacking trips. After completing college and graduate school, Gar worked for the University of Southern California and UC Irvine as a career counselor. While employed at USC, Gar’s creative interest in outdoor photography was sparked by attending a series of landscape photography workshops sponsored by the University. In fact, he met his wife at a photography workshop in Death Valley, and they have shared their love of photography together for over 25 years, taking them to some of the most scenic destinations the West has to offer.


Gar’s photography is recognized for it’s brilliant colors, which are his signature whether they be in landscapes, nature, or urban settings. How light illuminates his subjects is as important as the subjects themselves. Critical in-camera decisions and maintaining the true colors of the original photographic scene are vital to the integrity of his finished image.


“As an outdoor photographer, with a passion for capturing dynamic images of landscapes and nature in extraordinary light, my goal is to communicate my unique personal vision to others. For me, the creative process of capturing an image is intuitive and begins primarily in the photographic capture process before the shutter is released. I endeavor to seek fresh, creative perspectives, and look for subjects with unique lines, forms, designs, colors, and textures.”

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