Gunther Zarth


7-13ccI’ve been an admirer of good watercolor paintings since I was a child in Germany, when I dabbled in crude watercolor depictions of, mostly, well…Indians…we were fascinated by the wild west!  Once I became fully immersed in photography, I found it difficult to permit myself the time to return to any form of painting and therefore, simply couldn’t develop the skill needed to create the watercolor art I admire; however, as the years ticked by, I learned that there is a means to combine my love of watercolors with photography: the Giclée – a perfect blend, printing my film images on a thick, nicely textured, and archival watercolor paper!!

All artists are influenced and inspired by something, whether it’s in nature or something man-made – a work of art, a product, a building, or any other thing.  So, when I saw some pictures, photos and paintings, mounted and framed using the torn-edge and floating image effect, I had an “a-ha” moment, deciding to flatter the originator of this effect by imitating it!  I felt I had found the final element, a perfect finishing touch, for my watercolor prints.  And, since all the subject matter was photographed as I found it, nothing arranged, I wanted to convey a certain looseness to the images, presenting them more like a sketch, as if freshly torn from a pad of paper and tacked to the wall

As for the subject matter, well, I know it’s a bit of a mix; there is no clear, single subject that appeals to me.  I respond to whatever inspires me at the moment, whether it’s the simple beauty of a flower, the pattern formed by a series of balconies, the juxtaposition of a hot-air baloon over a plowed field, or an old man feeding a squirrel perched on his shoulder.  Eventually a series develops on its own but, I rarely make my photographs with any sort of series in mind…just whatever fires the creative spark-plug in the engine of my mind.



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