Patrick Hotra

Shaker & Craftsman Wood Worker

PatrickCalifornia born Patrick Hotra got into woodworking in 1975 as a way of building affordable furniture for his own home.

A lifelong respect for nature and the outdoors led him into the environmental field, after receiving a post graduate Certificate in Environmental Studies from California State University at Long Beach.
Woodworking still had a powerful attraction, and he found himself drawn to the clean lines and uncluttered look of the Shaker and Craftsman styles.  He found time for woodworking classes at Fullerton Community College and Cerritos Community College, as well as evening and weekend hours spent in his garage/workshop developing the power and hand tool skills necessary to produce pieces for his own home, as well as that of family and friends who had seen his work.
After retiring from environmental work he moved to Washington State, where he took on the task of renovating a house he’d bought.  Hiring a local builder and acting as his own general contractor he lived in one room as the house was torn down and rebuilt around him.  He built and installed 20 kitchen cabinets, a fireplace mantle, and submitted work to Artwood, a local woodworking gallery.
Upon returning to Southern California he set up shop in Long Beach, designing and building all of his own furniture, as well as smaller accent pieces
I’m still fascinated by the Shaker and Craftsman styles, although as a theme or influence, rather than a rigid template that allows no individual expression.  Adding my own touches allows me to produce something unique and enjoy the process of discovering how different woods and construction techniques relate to each other.
Wood is a medium that invites touching; to feel a silky smooth surface, to open and close a well fit drawer, and to inspect exposed joinery  clearly visible under a coat of glossy finish.  If a piece is well made and cared for properly it will become an heirloom to be enjoyed and passed down through generations.
Work from Patrick Hotra

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