Roger Van De Vanter


Who is Roger Van De Vanter, you ask?
He’s an artist, a potter, a shoe maker (known for creating the multi-colored, layered rubber in elevated shoes which, at the time, Cher made popular), a self-proclaimed bamboo freak, a bonsai master, a kinetic sculptor aka mobile maker (see more about this in the photo gallery), a kite maker and completion kite flier (more about this in the gallery as well), a wood worker, to include carving and furniture making and a surfer…………..but mostly a potter.
Roger’s Bio reveals a history of art school study, 3 year apprenticeship with Tasho Shimeoko (master potter and living legend) in Gefu, Japan, owner of pottery studios, a cobblery studio and Professor of Fine Arts/Ceramics at the College of the Desert in Palm Desert, California. In 2000 he left the Laguna Beach area of California and moved to Haiku in Maui. His work has been purchased and exhibited by many private collectors in the United States, Japan, the White House, and the Guggenheim Museum in New York.
Now he is moving back to California to continue his business, “Eccentric Ceramics” in Oceanside. We got to know him really fast, I took a bunch of photos and did several prints as gifts to him and we are sad to have met such a dynamic, interesting character and new but very close friend just days before his departure.

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