Ron Azevedo


azvedo“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” ~Elliott Erwitt

Ron Azevedo is a self-taught photographer from San Clemente, California who fell in love with the medi- um at a very early age. Starting at 9 years old, he was taking photographs of his surroundings with the family 35mm camera…fascinated with the camera & it’s ability to freeze moments in time. For his thir- teenth birthday he begged his parents to buy him a mail order darkroom setup. He started developing & printing his first images in black & white in the only room in the house that had no windows….the bath- room! With this portable setup that had an enlarger on the toilet seat & chemical trays in the bathtub, Ron fell in love with black & white photography. He loved watching the images he saw through his lens develop on paper before his eyes…it was MAGIC!

Into high school, Ron was an active photographer for the school newspaper as well as yearbook. He found he had an ability to see things differently than anyone else in his classes. An attention to detail helped him see the pure beauty in the simplest of things in his surroundings. Upon graduating high school, Ron’s attention focused on another medium. He attended Columbia College of Motion Pictures & Television Arts & Sciences to pursue a degree in cinematography. During his studies of TV engineering, the dean of the college referred Ron to a job opening for an NBC affiliate station as a cameraman and video tape editor…which he ended up accepting.

Having developed an urge to travel at an early age as well, Ron continued his pursuit of his first love and began documenting his many travels around the world on film with his trusty Canon A-1 35mm cam- era. He began shooting several weddings for family & friends, family portraits, model portfolio’s as well as fine art images. The coming of the digital age meant new equipment & learning new technologies… and it took many years for Ron to financially be able to make the jump. With the purchase of his first Canon DSLR & several lenses, the photographic fire was once again re-kindled. Progressively, Ron has been developing his techniques in digital capture as well as editing softwares and techniques…and will continue to do so as the technology is ever changing.

Ron Azevedo is fascinated by light and how it changes the way something looks and the mood it reflects. When light, subject & composition are persuaded into coherency….then the ordinary briefly become extraordinary. Photography is merely his tool….like a paint brush…that captures that light which manipulates the form into an aesthetically pleasing work of art.


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