Stuart Hack

Ceramic Artist

hackA native of Baltimore, Maryland, Stuart began his ceramics studies at the Potters’ Guild and later at the Baltimore Museum of Art with Olin Russum, a Maryland ceramics icon. His training in ceramics during the 1960’s included both hand building and throwing. Then, for 30 years he produced no ceramics as he focused on family and a career.

In 2000, Stuart moved to Southern California where he was faced with life altering experiences that encouraged him to start his life anew. With the need to figure out who he was and how he wanted to live his life, he chose to explore ceramics, again. He first studied with the talented teachers, potters and staff at the Irvine Fine Arts Center, who encouraged his exploration. He now creates his art as a member of Muddys studio in Santa Ana.

California’s organic, natural formations including trees, mountains, canyons and landscapes, influence Stuart’s hand built pieces. The play of the sun on the deserts, hills, valleys and mountain landscape; the ever changing vistas, can be felt as his art work is carefully studied. Every face of his forms tells a new story, draws out a unique feeling. His sculptural forms are living, useable art. They are tables, cooking containers, dining ware, flower containers, fountains and decorative art.

Stuart’s one-of-a-kind art has been juried into exhibits at the Irvine Fine Arts Center, the Orange County Fair, the Norco Southwestern Art Show and Long Beach Arts Show. His work has been included in galleries on the East Coast and in California. Stuart is a local artist, living in Laguna Woods, CA.

“My work is inspired by the striations, edges, angles and colors revealed in nature. I employ various clay bodies, often in concert, to emphasize the con- trasts and homogeneity of nature. The objects invite people to touch and rub the surface; to figure out how it was constructed and what message it is sending.”


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